Minutes of VMC





I.                  ATR of the Previous Meeting:

Point Discussed

Action Taken by the Principal

Decision by Chairman


Proposal was put forth to the Chairman for Approval


The Chairman directed that parent members’ opinion may be sought.  After taking the opinion of the parent members, the green signal to go ahead with the psychometric test for the students of XII, XI and X of the 17-18 batches was given.



Fresh proposal for condemnation of articles for 2017-18 will be submitted


Principal to submit the Fresh proposal


Rs. 20 lakhs that was received from KVS HQ for renovation of toilets on 31.03.2017 could not be transferred to HSCL as the agency had not responded to the KV letters and KVS letters. The amount was kept in the school account for more than 6 months and had ultimately been returned to KVS HQ on 07.02.2018.

1. The Chairman directed the case for renovation of the toilets should be taken up again.

2. A request will be sent by KVAFS Begumpet to MES for fresh estimates for the above mentioned work.


The Vidyalaya received the Estimates for 45.96 lakhs from MES. The same is forwarded to Dy. Commissioner, Hyderabad for further necessary action



II.                Discussion of the Points of the Current Meeting

Point Taken up

Decision  by the Chairman



a.       Examinations

Principal apprised the Chairman of the Dates of Board Exam, Preparation of Students, modification of passing criteria for Class X students and the Result Schedule of Home Exam.



 A Copy of the Admission Guidelines was  submitted to the Chairman for his perusal


The committee took note of the schedule





The Principal discussed the changes in the admission schedule with the Chairman


a.       Interviews for preparing a Panel of contractual teachers for all the subjects for  the session 2018-19 were conducted on 28.02.2018

b.      The Process of   Purchase of  Laboratory equipment for which  approval was sought  is now completed.

c.       The Civil work for construction of the parking area platform is in progress.




The committee took note of the procedure









3.      FINANCE

a.       Surplus Funds

     (VVN 2014-15) Reference letters…1. F.7-    Gen/2017-18/Surplus/KVS(HR)A&A/, dt.22.12.2017

     F.7-Gen/2017-18/Surplus /KVS (HR)             A&A /25152 to 25171, 23.01.18 


An amount of Rs 50 lakhs has been surrendred to  KVS.

b.      VVN balance as on 28.02.2018 is  Rs.16,26,750/-. 

c.       For Improvement of sports Infrastructure a proposal for development of synthetic Basketball court will be taken up in 2018-19.


1.      The Chairman directed that every effort must be made to utilize the VVN of the year in the same financial year.

2.      Introduction of Soak pits, Solar Panels,  and painting of roof with SRI material is proposed to be eligible for  Gold rating of the Vidyalaya by IGBC.

3.      The above works may be taken up to utilize the funds available in VVN by 31st March 2018.


The chairman approved  the Proposal




        i.            There will be a exchange /donation of Text Books movement by the students  after the results and beginning of the new session

      ii.            An orientation programme for HMs and senior PRTs will be conducted in the Vidyalaya from 10 to 11.03.2018. Thus trained HMs and Senior PRTs in turn will train the newly recruted PRTs in the region .The training programme will be held in the last week of March 2018.

    iii.             Annual day is proposed to be conducted in the second week of April.    The propsosed dates are 10.04.2018 /11.04.2018.


    iv.            Steps for Gold Rating for IGBC Award



      v.            Power Generation using Solar Panels.


    vi.            Srujan from ILIOS Power gave presentation on the installation of Solar Panels, their cost effectiveness and durability.



  vii.            Painting of roof with SRI Paints- The Vidyalaya is to be equipped with Solar Reflective Index paints to keep the exteriors and the interiors cool during summers. This would cut down the power consumption by about 35%. It was proposed to take up the project with an expenditure of Rs. 1 lakh.

viii.            Using eco friendly cleaning chemicals- The Vidyalaya has already initiated the use of the chemicals and found it quite useful and is quite cost effective.

    ix.            Harvesting at least 25% of rain water with an expenditure of about Rs. 30,000 for preparation of soak pits.



















Chairman asked Srujan to provide complete information about the Solar power requirementand  estimates for processing.


Srujan was directed  to get a survey of the Vidyalaya done to facilitate the installation of a 50-60 KW Solar panels on the roof tops of the Vidyalaya





The Chairman appoved the proposal









The Chairman gave his consent for the use of the Eco friendly chemicals





The Chairman discussed the feasibility of the proposal and approved.



Kendriya Vidyalaya  AFS Begumpet, Hyderabad-11

Minutes of the VMC meeting held on 21.12.2017 at 10 AM in KV AFS Begumpet


The Principal initiated the meeting with a warm welcome to all the members before putting the following points forth for discussion by the members.


1.   ATR on the points of VMC meeting on 29.08.2017

Psychometric Tests.

The Knacks and super knacks involved in the reports were explored for their certification and validation.   

2.   Purchase of furniture

3.   Renovation of toilets

4. The members felt that MES had to submit the completion report for the following three Deposit works.

         1. Assembly area flooring

          2. Improvement of underground drainage.

          3. Provision of Exit Ramp in B wing.

 4.   Academics.  

The Principal appraised the Chairman about the following activities in academics.  

                Periodic test II had been conducted for classes IX & X in October 2017

                Half yearly exam had been conducted for classes III to VIII and XI in Oct 2017

                Parent teacher meeting was held on     30.10. 2017.

                I Pre Board examination was also conducted for class XII in Nov.2017  and the

          PT meet was held on 08.12.2017.

The pass percentage of Class XII Pre Board was 71% and 75% for class X PT-2  


                 PTIII /II and Pre Board II Exams have been scheduled for 12.01.2018 onwards.

5.   Admin

The Vidyalaya Boundary wall towards N-W had Collapsed on 28th November 2017 night.  Officers and Security Officers from AFS had inspected the site and the  Erection of temporary wall has been taken up at an expenditure of 1.5Lakhs. A security guard was posted at the site as per the directions of our Nominee Chairman.

A TGT Sanskrit post was vacant since 25th September 2017 because of the transfer the earlier teacher.  The Vidyalaya had tried engaging Mr. Naresh after contacting various PG colleges but he discontinued in the month of November. Mrs. Neeraja’s [MA (Skt), B Ed.] application with an experience in KV was put forth for approval by the members.

6.   Finance

The Principal informed the Chairman that  KV AFS Begumpet was awarded   IGBC(Indian Green Building Council)  

In solar panels the energy saving could range from 10-20 % in terms of reduced total expenditure on energy consumption.

The proposal of an expenditure of about Rs.50,000 for the purchase of CCA and sports prizes for classes I-XII was approved 

7.   Vidyalaya Activities

The Vidyalaya has been sending a monthly report of activities conducted regularly to the Chairman VMC.

The Vidyalaya has been awarded the Harit  Vidyalaya  Award for the year 2017.

KV AFS Begumpet had been given the responsibility to arrange stay and coaching arrangements for KVS Lawn Tennis National Team participating in SGFI Championships at Lal Bahadur Stadium, Hyderabad from13th Jan to 16th Jan.2018.

On 22.12.2017, a training programme on security for students and teachers in the Vidyalaya would be conducted by National Disaster rescue force.

The Vidyalaya is the venue for TGT (Eng.) In-service course (II Spell) during winter Break.

The Vidyalaya is conducting special classes for students in the winter break.