Innovation and Experimentation done by teachers 


Innovation and Experimentation

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Learning objective initially envisaged

Learning objective realised or not

Name of Innovator / Experimenter with designation.


Step by step to success in problem solving word problems in mathematics 



 To design different strategies  to reach word problems in addition and Subtraction .

* to design the module and try it out

*to suggest the module to teachers and parents.


Design a module to enhance the skills of of solving word problems amongst class III children.

Tridev of class IX B and a member of integrity club spoke few words about simplicity in life.



Simplicity enhances quality of life and enriches it with feelings of immense joy,  innerpeace ,  fulfillment,  real happiness and satisfaction of doing something for  the society.

Simple life helps in preserving our environment and reduces the gap between the rich and the poor.

Simple life allows one to focus on one’s real job and therefore , leads to success.

Simple makes ones life transparent  which wins trust of others.

Simplicity means the achievement of maximum effect with minimum means.