1.       Name of the school with address:                            KENDRIYA VIDYALAYA AFS BEGUMPET
(Strictly as per Affiliation sanction                             HYDERABAD, PIN-751011
letter or as permitted by the
Board) with the pin code no.
(i)                  E-mail                                                                    :
(ii)                Ph. No.                                                                 : 040-27751560
(iii)               Fax No.                                                                 : 040-27751560                                 
2.       Year of establishment of school                                                :
3.       Whether NOC from State/UT or                                                : Run by KVS an Autonomous body under the
Recommendation of Embassy of                               Ministry of HRD, Govt. of INDIA
India obtained?
(i)                  NOC No.
(ii)                NOC Issuing Date
4.       Is the school is recognized, if yes                              : Yes, KVS
by which Authority
5.       Status of affiliation:
Permanent/ Regular/ Provisional                              : Regular
(i)                  Affiliation No.                                                    : 3600009
(ii)                Affiliation with the Board since                 :
(iii)               Extension of affiliation upto                        : 2018-19
6.       Name of Trust /Society/Company                            : KVS an Autonomous body under the  
Registered under Section 25 of the                           Ministry of HRD, Govt. of INDIA
Company Act, 1956.
Period upto which Registration of
Trust/ Society is valid.
7.       List of members of School
Managing Committee